What am I?

Well I am not a machine, I know that for a fact.

Perhaps this is what I want you to think. For real though, it would be easier if I was machine. I spent the past 6 years seeing how far I can push my limits. To this day, I still do not know what the next day is going to bring. However, I guess that is the essence of living.

There is a ton of things that I have learned on my path to self actualization.

For starters, taking care of every aspect of your health is mandatory. This means both mental and physical. Things like meditation, relaxation time, and most importantly sleep. Yes, sleep is important.

Every time I hear somebody say something along the lines of, “Who needs sleep? Not me, I can get more stuff done.”

What I really hear is, “I would rather be working well below my full potential for longer periods of time producing sub-par work.”

Here are a few books that might change your mind:

Try going through all of those books and see if you think you can still become your ultimate self without rest.

Anyways, what you have stumbled across is part of my continuous exercise in communicating.

I happened to have learned a fare amount of technical things as well and hopefully you will to!